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Environment Pollution


As we know, pollution is one of the main issues affecting our planet nowadays. OUR home is getting more and more deteriorated by human interaction and nature and wildlife are really struggling to keep on float.


Marine pollution is a growing problem in today's world and it doesn't seem to be fixed by any time soon.  

WE humans dump into the ocean eight million metric tons of plastic every year without thinking in the repercussions and consequences future generations are going to face.

Environment design is one of the biggest passions of mine and it's very disappointing to see how your inspirations and all the beauty is transforming into human waste spaces by the day, or disappearing because of  deforestation and/or other human activities.   

I wanted to make visible the invisible as a reminder of what it's really happening beneath the surface.

If you are interested in more concept art work, you can have a look at



The Unconscious Revelation is a very interesting project based on projection mapping.


I worked with the ceo and the photographer, braintorming ideas and concepts to come up with a bespoke and unique way to transform the surface and to create a spectacular display of light and colour.


We were looking for not only impacful visuals but meaninful outcome which could connect with the audience and express a way of feeling with each image.

As the concept artist, I made plenty of research and created was

all the artworks later used in the projection mapping. I also took part in the filming and the retouching of the final imagery.

If you are interested in more concept art work, you can have a look at

Director: Zhanna Rean

Photographer: Daniela Buda

Concept Artist: Olga GM

Retouching: Olga GM, Daniela Buda

Dancer: Anna Engerström. 

Landscape Photography


Photograhy has been a constant passion for my carreer and personal aspirations.


Love taking the beauty of the places I've been lucky enough to visit us while bringing the viewer into story telling imagery, where you can imagine all kind of possible scenarios. Making a connection with nature and/or wildlife and capture the essence of the world around them.

Travelling and hiking has always been a big part of who I am and I use this moments as a technique that helps me to clear my head and come up with creative and unique concepts, either for professional or personal projects.

If you are interested in more concept art work, you can have a look at

Color Grading & High-end Retouching


Keeping details and texture intact in both video and imagery so that it looks as natural and authentic as possible is my main goal when it comes to color grading video, such as short films and promos, or digital retouching for advertising and campaigns, both digital and print, landscape and/or wildlife photography, beauy, and/or accesories such us fine jewellery, clothing boutiques, hats, and so on.

Making sure the video and/or image looks unretouched but polished is a matter of different techniques and attention to detail.

If you are interested in more concept art work, you can have a look at

Environmental Concept Art


Landscape conceptual design is one my passions, as I love chanlleging myself and creating new worlds you can only visualize in your imagination. My goal is to make story telling environments for gaming and matte painting work for filming that would otherwise be impossible or expensive to film.


To achieve a pofessional, high level look, you need to combine several skills, such as illustration, matte painting, lightning and/or 3D elements, and sofware.

I also use my concept art skills to illustrate games covers for different providers, such as NetEnd, Microgaming or Red Tiger, to use for advertising in their websites, email campaigns and social platforms.

If you are interested in more of my concept artwork, you can have a look at

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